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Natural Gas Futures and Options

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Natural gas produces almost a quarter of the United States energy consumption. Natural gas is used to provide energy for homes, commercial buildings and utility plants.

The natural gas futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange consists of 10,000 million British thermal units (mmBtu). A Btu refers to the amount of natural gas required to heat one pound of water by one degree at normal pressure. There are about 1,027 Btu in one cubic foot of natural gas.

Natural gas is transported by pipelines throughout the country.

Introduction to Natural Gas

Course Overview

The structure of the natural gas market has evolved over time and become one of the most competitive, efficient, transparent, and liquid natural gas futures and options market in the world. Explore the basics of natural gas infrastructure, key impacts like seasonality that affect supply and demand, as well as hedging physical product using futures and options products.

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