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RBOB Gasoline Futures Contract Specifications

New York Harbor RBOB Gasoline (Physical) futures are an outright gasoline contract between a buyer and a seller. The contract:
Is based on the largest single volume refined product sold in the United States - gasoline - which accounts for almost half of national oil consumption
Trades in a highly diverse market, with hundreds of wholesale distributors and thousands of retail outlets, resulting in intense competition and price volatility

Things to know:

  • Based on delivery at petroleum products terminals in New York Harbor, the major East Coast trading center for imports and domestic shipments from refineries in the New York harbor area or from the Gulf Coast refining centers
  • Traded via open outcry and electronically on CME Globex
  • Trading at settlement is available for the front two months except on the last trading day and is subject to the existing TAS rules
  • Option types:  American-style, calendar spread, crack spread, average price, European-style

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