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Soybean Commodities and Options

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Soybean Futures and Options

Soybeans are one of the most active and popular commodities to trade. Soybeans are crushed to produce two main products - soybean oil and soybean meal. The oil is used in an extensive list of products and the meal is primarily used in animal feed. The U.S. is the largest producer of soybeans and they are mainly grown throughout the Midwest.

In the United States alone, farmers grow about half the world's supply, and they remain a leading dollar-earner among U.S. agricultural exports.

As important as they are, price stability becomes essential for those businesses that rely on soybeans for their manufacturing processes. Global supplies fluctuate continuously due to planting decisions made every spring, as well as variations in temperature and precipitation throughout the growing season. In addition, demand never ceases to change. As a result, prices can vary substantially from day-to-day.

Soybeans are a variety of edible bean also known as soya beans or Glycine max. Soybeans are also sometimes referred to as edamame, although this term is usually reserved for immature soybeans, or the dish comprised of steamed immature soybeans. This bean is native to East Asia, but is now widely cultivated and consumed across the globe. Soybean products are used for human consumption, animal feed, and a variety of non-food consumer and industrial products.

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